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If you want to look and feel your best, Endermologie is for you. Unlike some other methods and products that superficially tackle cellulite or just heat up the skin with laser, radio-frequency or ultrasound for temporary tightness, Endermologie gets to the root cause of the problem.

All treatments are carried out by a fully qualified LPG Endermologie Specialist.

Introducing LPG® Endermologie: Advanced Technology for Non-Invasive Body Sculpting and Skin Rejuvenation

At a Glance

We are pleased to offer LPG® Endermologie at our clinic, an innovative and proven technology that provides non-invasive body sculpting and skin rejuvenation treatments. LPG® Endermologie is a cutting-edge system that uses a patented motorized roller and suction technology to deliver targeted and effective treatments.


You should allow 48hrs between treatments


40 min
Face only treatment - 20min


Body Endermologie:
- 45 minutes (3 areas of body) per treatment - £90
- course of 6 treatments - £540
- course of 12 treatments - £950

Face Endermologie:
PERFECT EYES & LIPS - 30 min - £60
This targeted anti-ageing treatment reduces puffiness and dark circles. smooths wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, replumps up the lips and enhances the eyelids to open up and refresh the eyes.
HVDDATION ROOSTED - 50 min - £65
This treatment stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and boosts microcirculation to intensely moisturise, replump and smooth the skin while protecting it from external aggression and skin aging.
CELLULAR STIMULATION - 1h 15 min - £120
This complete anti-ageing treatment (face, neck, hands) stimulates the meridians to promote toxin elimination and energy flow circulation. It exfoliates the skin to unity, brighten the complexion and boosts cell regeneration to fill in wrinkles and firm the skin.






10 - 12 treatments

*The purchase of a Body Suit* is required for your first treatment at a cost of £30.00. This suit will be yours to keep and will need to be used for subsequent Endermologie treatments. *If you already own an Endermologie body suit this can be used.
Slimming Treatments are only available to individuals 18 and over

Medical Beauty Skin provide LPG Endermologie Treatments in Windsor. LPG Endermologie is a deep massage therapy treatment that targets cellulite, it is also known as BRT. It is undertaken with vacuum suction so that the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermis and some fat) is kneaded into a rolling device while negative pressure holds the skin in the rollers.

Benefits of LPG Endermologie

• It helps reduce cellulite and inches
• Unlike exercise, we can target specific body areas and it targets cellulite.
• Non-surgical alternative for liposuction
• Smooth bumpy uneven skin - Orange Skin
• Increased tonicity of skin tissues
• Reduce visibility of scars, burns and stretch marks
• Reshape Buttocks, Thighs and Abdomen
• Reshape Your Body After Pregnancy

Medical benefits of LPG Endermologie

• Relieve Minor Muscle Aches and Pains
• Improvement of lymphatic flow
• Increase of blood circulation (300 times more than manual massage)
• Post - surgery: PRE | LPG® softens skin tissue, enhancing cellular performance and skin elasticity to optimise surgery results. POST | LPG® accelerates the healing process, significantly reducing oedema (swelling) and hematomas (collection of blood under skin).
• Recommended for post-liposuction to prevent uneven skin texture
• Prevention of bedsores
• Relax Away Muscle Spasms

By stimulating slimming cells (adipocytes), LPG® re-activates the natural release of fat, even that most resistant to physical exercise and diet (70% fat release seen in clinical research)

LPG® alleviates heavy legs and water retention caused by the pressure of the uterus on the surrounding blood vessels. It mobilises nearly one liter of water* by venous and lymphatic circulation to drain toxins and provide an immediate sense of well-being.

In addition to its slimming properties, endermologie® jump-starts natural collagen and elastin production to smooth cellulite (even on fibrous areas) and firm sagging skin caused by the baby’s growth.

Blood and lymphatic flow is increased by  200%, removing fluid retention and excess ‘water weight’, strengthening the immune system and re-generating cell growth.

Why use LPG Endermologie® to fight Cellulite:

• The FDA APPROVED method to reduce cellulite temporarily is Endermologie®.
• Safe and painless.
• Non-surgical and non-invasive.
• It reshapes body areas.
• It smoothes the cottage-cheese appearance of the skin.
• It effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite

Mechanical Skin Stimulation Massage


• Gently reduces appearance of wrinkles
• Youthful glowing skin
• Firms skin and reduces puffiness
• Lifts cheeks
• Reduces the appearance of the double chin

The LPG Endermologie facial mechanical massage restores and maintains collagen, promotes natural hydration with hyaluronic acid, giving the dermis some of its natural volume back.

LPG Endermologie Facial can also be used for:
• Dull or Dry Skin
• Lines & Wrinkles
• Sagging Skin

The LPG Endermologie Facial is suitable for most all skin types and effectively helps to encourage lymphatic drainage. With LPG Endermologie’s mechanical massage, this treatment suctions the skin to stimulate circulation, helping to de-puff the face to feel and look refreshed.

This advanced patented technology of LPG Endermologie sends micro-pulses to the skin giving it a complete “workout” for maintained skin health. The repetitive micro-contractions of the skin from the mechanical massage stimulate fibroblast production.

Fibroblasts are considered the true architects of our skin. Fibroblasts are collagen, elastin and hydration. The fibroblasts all begin to diminish from the age of 25 despite a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, with Endermologie, they are all catalysed during treatment to restore skin back to health.

The LPG Endermologie facial is painless and has no downtime.


Our Tools

With our range of devices, we can provide tailored treatments and personalized solutions to address concerns such as acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging skin, and more. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes and enhance their confidence through the use of advanced technology and proven techniques.

Introducing the CELLU M6 ALLIANCE®: A Revolutionary Medical Device for Body Contouring and Cellulite Treatment


At our clinic, we are proud to offer the revolutionary CELLU M6 ALLIANCE® medical device. This cutting-edge technology represents a breakthrough in body contouring and cellulite treatment, providing our clients with a highly effective solution to achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other similar treatments, LPG Endermologie helps you to age better, without damaging the skin or having side effects. Endermologie helps you to retain your natural facial expressions whilst improving the overall radiance of the skin and reducing the appearance of unwanted lines & wrinkles.

No. During the treatment, you may feel increased blood circulation that aims to reawaken and stimulate your cells; however the process is relaxing and pain-free, as it is tailored to each individual. The settings can be customised to suit different skin sensitivities in order to provide every client with a pleasant experience.

Surprisingly, it only takes one session to begin seeing results! After the first session, your skin becomes more radiant and supple on account of the stimulated production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. With every session, your skin will become even more rejuvenated & revitalised.

Starting the treatment for the first time, you should have eight sessions, twice a week; this will kick start the collagenesis in your skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

LPG Endermologie is the same as any skincare routine, in order to keep your skin radiant and healthy, you need to take care of it regularly. The same applies to the endermologie treatment; after this treatment has firmed and smoothed your skin, you need to regularly stimulate your skin cells so that they do not return to their previous state. Just like your daily skincare routine, regular upkeep and care is the key to healthy skin. To nurture our patients after their LPG Endermologie treatment, we recommend having one maintenance session per month to maintain results.

  • Blood disease
  • Herpes
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Cancer in progression
  • Disease with inflammatory eruption
  • Injections (wait 2 weeks)
  • Anticoagulant treatment

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