Restore your hair's natural beauty and confidence with this transformative procedure.

Hair Filler Treatment

Our Hair Filler Treatment uses specialized products that contain beneficial ingredients to nourish and strengthen the hair strands from within. The filler solution helps to add thickness, improve texture, and enhance the overall appearance of your hair.

Hair Filler Treatment

At a Glance

Hair Filler Treatment: Revitalize and restore your hair. Addresses thinning, lack of volume, and damage. Specialized products nourish and strengthen hair strands. Customizable treatment for desired results. Experience increased volume, improved density, and enhanced hair vitality. Schedule a consultation for transformative results.


Several months to a year


From 30 - 60 minutes


Price per treatment: £200
Package of 4: £650






3 sessions every 15 days

Hair Filler Treatment

The Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment

The Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment is the new injection treatment against hair loss, based on 7 biomimetic peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, and has become available after a long period of research.

One of the characteristics of hair loss observed in various forms of alopecia is the short duration of the anagen, notably the growth phase of a hair. This phase is extremely short in alopecia conditions, resulting in incomplete growth and a short life cycle of a hair.

A long term research was conducted by a team of scientists headed by Dr. Chung Young Ji, concerning the inhibiting role played by growth factors and biomimetic peptides on the insufficient growth of the hair.

This is how the formula of Dr. Cyj Hair Filler Treatment was created, which extends the anagen phase of the hair.

The Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment

How it works?

Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment ensures the gradual release of active substances at the root of the hair. By injecting a complex of a total of 7 prolonged release peptides into the scalp where hair follicles are located, all necessary active substances are directly placed in the problem area targeting the causes of hair loss in men and women.

The Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment

The Results of Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment

The Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment against hair loss offers many advantages, including cosmetic and therapeutic benefits with a long-term action. In particular:

• It increases the thickness and volume of hair and treats thinning.
• It increases thickness, enhances and strengthens hair against pollution, dust and mistreating.
• Promotes the multiplication of scalp stem cells.
• It is a 100% safe treatment against hair loss. It has no side effects and complications, nor is harmful to the scalp.
• The effect lasts for relatively long periods of time. The treatment usually requires three sessions every 15 days.
• It speeds up hair growth.

Ideal candidates for Dr.CYJ Hair Filler Treatment are men and women with weak hair who may be suffering from some form of alopecia (e.g. androgenetic alopecia). It is also recommended for individuals who have had a hair transplant and wish to prolong the effect of transplanted hair follicles.

Medical protocol requires an average of 1 session every 15 days for 2 months, notably approximately 4 applications. However, every case is different. The doctor will determine the number of sessions depending on the individual’s needs.

Price per treatment: £200
Package of 4: £650

Dr.CYJ Hair Filler only contains internationally accepted patented peptides active ingredients that do not cause any harm to the patient’s body after the treatment. The formula is tested and approved after Notarized Experiments.

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