Rejuvenate Your Skin: Exploring the Wonders of Biorevitalization


Revitalize your skin's youthfulness with the transformative power of Biorevitalization.


At a Glance

Facial biorevitalization can be a useful treatment to counteract the aging of the skin and immediately appear fresher, younger and more rested. The main action is carried out by hyaluronic acid which acts on the elasticity, shine and softness of the skin.
Undergoing facial biorevitalization means restoring the natural volumes of the face, deeply rehydrating the tissues, restarting the normal growth and turnover mechanisms of the skin, reactivating dermal function and effectively counteracting the degradation effect of collagen. It is a truly effective and innovative treatment.

In our clinic we offer Profhilo and Ejal40 treatments.


From 4- 6 Months


From 30 - 60 minutes


Profhilo® - £250 per treatment
Ejal40 - £180 per treatment
Ejal40 - 3 treatments package - £450






3- 5 treatments

Biorevitalization treatments


Profhilo® is a one-of-a-kind injectable treatment for lax skin. Formulated with one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, Profhilo® boosts and hydrates the skin while remodeling ageing and sagging tissue from within. Rather than staying in place, like a dermal filler, Profhilo® slowly biodegrades, releasing hyaluronic acid over time. This draws moisture to the treatment area and stimulates collagen and elastin production, providing a dramatic lifting and tightening effect.

This treatment is ideal if you’re noticing the first signs of aging. This treatment offers a natural, rejuvenated look without adding volume in specific places.


How does Profhilo® work?

As we age our bodies stop producing collagen and elastin, both of which help maintain skin firmness and fullness. Over time, we deplete our body’s store of collagen and elastin, and our skin starts to wrinkle, sag, and lose its fullness.

Profhilo® works by stimulating your skin to produce additional collagen and elastin. This “remodels” your skin’s structure so its lifted and tightened. This treatment also draws significant moisture to the treatment area, plumping and brightening your skin.


When will I see results?

To be effective, Profhilo® requires 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart. You will start to see results such as increased hydration and improved skin tone a few days after your first treatment. The full results, including tightening and lifting, can be seen 4 weeks after the second treatment. Results vary from person to person and depend on the laxity of your skin before treatment.

Results typically last around 6-8 months. To maintain the effect, you will need additional treatments.


Before your treatment

Before your treatment, you’ll meet with us for a free consultation. We will get to know you and your medical history, discuss the areas you wish to have treated, and determine if Profhilo® is the right option for you.

You should avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs (Aspirin, Ibuprofen) for 24 hours before your treatment.


During your treatment

The whole procedure, depending on how many areas you’re having treated, takes about 30 minutes. We’ll review the treatment areas we discussed in our consultation. We will offer anaesthetic numbing cream if you’re concerned about pain at the injection site. After cleaning the treatment areas, we will use a micro needle, to inject Profhilo®.

Once the injections are complete, you’re good to go!


After your treatment

There’s a little bit of downtime after getting Profhilo®. Most people experience minor redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site, which should go away quickly.

After your Profhilo® treatment, you should:

• Avoid makeup immediately afterward
• Avoid other cosmetic treatments like peels or lasers for at least 24 hours
• Avoid vigorous exercise or sweating for 24 hours
• Stay out of the sun until any redness and swelling subside

If you’re uncomfortable after your treatment, you can take Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen, and gently apply a cold compress.

Any questions? Schedule a free consultation at any time.

Biorevitalization treatments

Ejal40 Treatment

Suffering from a loss of definition in the face oval, sagging cheeks, deep wrinkles, and fine lines? Over time, our face loses its natural, youthful contour. The skin becomes thinner and lax, slowly starting to sag. Ejal 40 is an innovative bio-stimulant that will immediately revitalise your skin!


How does Ejal40 work?

Ejal 40 is composed of 40mg/2ml of hyaluronic acid and vitamins that are responsible for muscle-building. The HA fragments activate the fibroblasts in the skin, stimulating the production of components in the dermal matrix. It will boost the production of collagen or elastin, effectively tightening the skin.

Ejal40 Treatment


• sagging skin, wrinkles
• dehydrated or dry skin
• skin with signs of aging
• skin exposed to UV radiation, air conditioning or other environmental factors
• skin with stretch marks or wrinkles
• skin with discolouration

Ejal40 Treatment


• pregnancy and breastfeeding
• infections or injuries around the treatment area
• tendency to the formation of keloids and hypertrophic scars
• allergies
• autoimmune skin diseases (psoriasis, collagen diseases)
• diabetes
• cancers
• diseases that require taking blood thinners medicine

Ejal40 Treatment


• smoothing wrinkles and reducing signs of skin aging
• restoration of optimal physiological functions of the skin
• restoration of the lost oval of the face
• improved skin tension and elasticity
• neutralization of skin sagging
• bio-revitalization of dry and dehydrated skin
• strengthening the extracellular matrix of the skin.


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