Achieve facial harmony and balance with our Aesthetic Manual Face Modelling technique. This specialized manual therapy focuses on reshaping and sculpting the facial contours to enhance your natural beauty.

Aesthetic Manual Face Modelling

Through precise and gentle manual techniques, our skilled professionals manipulate the underlying facial muscles and tissues to create a more harmonious and balanced appearance. This technique can address various concerns, such as asymmetry, sagging skin, and lack of definition.

Aesthetic Manual Face Modelling

At a Glance

• Specialized manual therapy for reshaping and sculpting facial contours.
• Precise techniques to enhance facial harmony and balance.
• Non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures.
• Lifts and tightens the skin, improves facial symmetry.
• Achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.
• Boosts self-confidence and enhances natural beauty.
• Customized treatment based on facial assessment.
• Transformative effects without invasive interventions.
• Schedule a consultation for personalized results.

Please make sure to mention if you had any filler or botox done before booking your treatment.


3 - 6 Months


90 -120 min


Face Modelling Face Lift Massage 90min - £110
+ Buccal Massage 120min - £130
Package of 8 sessions 120 minutes - £800
Add ons:
Face Mask £25
Eye Treatment £30






Every 3 - 4 months

What is it?

Aesthetic Manual Face Modelling

Manual face modeling gives effect from the first time to everyone! Special techniques are used that relax the muscles and allow them to return to their original state, thereby improving blood circulation, as well as lymphatic and venous reflux, which significantly reduces facial edema. Facial color improves, face oval, smoothing wrinkles

The thing is - aging isn't happening on the skin level. There is a whole ecosystem underneath - muscles, fat deposits, bones and fascia that are changing as we age. The lines on the upper layer of the skin are just a result of these changes. Also, face is very much connected to scalp, neck and shoulders, and oftentimes the missing piece is releasing a stagnation & tension from overthere.

So here at Medical Beauty Skin with the knowledge of effective massage styles and techniques, intuitive energy work and deep relaxation delivery, we are able to go to the roots of the problem.

Whether you’re concerned about the signs of aging, loss of volume, tension, puffiness, head aches, TMJ or just want to have a spa time and relax... We've got you.

With unique modalities such as bucal massage, Gua Sha, vacuum massage for the face and neck, and aesthetic facial modeling massage, by combining these techniques, we are ready to help prevent and reduce the first signs of aging.

Aesthetic Manual Face Modelling

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